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Philadelphia, PA

Pearl Properties selected Eimer Design to help them renovate the historic Bonwit Teller Building and an adjoining property into 100 market rate apartments. Working together to resolve miss-aligned floor levels between buildings identified an opportunity for a 7,000 square foot amenities space on the 3rd floor which became the center of interaction and activity. Accessing this level became a challenge as both properties have retail condominiums at street level. The resolution was creating a minimal street level lobby that leads to an exterior catwalk rising on the building exterior which leads to a 3 level interior atrium space. The lobby, amenity space, corridors and units are stylized based on inspiration from Bonwit Teller fashions of the 20’, 30’s and 40’s.


project credit: Eimer Design


Amenity Space

With several lounge spaces, a library, kitchen, media room, dinning area and outdoor courtyard, this urban building offers an extension of living space to the residents. On site fitness space rounds out these amenity facilities.

photo credit: Josh LaBorde (Eimer Design)

Model Unit

Furnishing a typical studio apartment, potential tenants can get a feeling for how comfortable the living spaces are, while envisioning life at 1700 Chestnut Street.

project credit: Pearl Properties

Historic Images
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