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Steve the photographer

My passion is architecture, and I use my lens to capture the built environment around me. I do not use a fancy camera, or a tripod or a flash. Rather, I roam the world, iPhone in hand and grab the moments that happen in front of me. Unfiltered, real life. As an architect, details, and structures catch my eye. I love to interpret these from my personal perspective, often looking up, and seeing past the everyday to find a forgotten surprise. Capturing a moment while watching as the sun dances across the sky, casting shadows or glowing just so, between two buildings.


These are the moments I capture a legitimate snapshot. Despite having no formal photographic background, I hope you enjoy the world from my perspective.


I'd also like to offer a special thanks to my family who have all supported my travels to many corners of the world. Without the satisfaction of my wanderlust, my photography would lack the curiosity and joy that I hope it portrays.

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