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planning + TOD

Wyandanch Town Center

Wyandanch, Long Island, NY

A multi-phased Transit Orient Development stemming from the long needed master plan at the previously non-existent center of Wyandanch Long Island. In addition to the master plan and phasing / site scheme for the project, the designs and development of the first four (4) apartment buildings were included in the package. The diverse mix of units include rental and condo options, open loft schemes and 3 bedroom duplex offer a uniqe set of plans to draw people to the new town center.



project credit: BHC Architects

Harbor Point Master Plan

Baltimore, MD

​​Located between Harbor East and historic Fells Point, Harbor Point will be a vibrant, highly integrated neighborhood with a focus on sustainability and innovation. As the City’s largest downtown, waterfront site yet to be developed, Harbor Point will be composed of 3 million square feet of mixed-use space on 27 acres and will be the leading development showcasing Baltimore’s urban renaissance. The neighborhood will feature thoughtfully designed public space including 9.5 acres of waterfront parks and a promenade along the water’s edge.

West Side Tennis Club Apartments

Queens, NY

The proposed West Side Tennis Club Apartments plans to breathe new life into the historic site with towering high rise apartments. Staying in tune with the distict Tudor style of Forest Hills, these buildings bridge the scale of the historic 1920s apartment buildings and the large post-war towers near by. Modern luxuries and views drive the project, as well as location near transit and the unique amenties included with the tennis club.

proposal credit: BHC Architects

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